Drug Myths


You will have been taught about drugs when you were at school and/or by your parents. And of course they will tell you the truth that drugs are bad but sometimes you will here some stories that aren’t exactly true. Im going to list a few drug myths below and if you feel there are any drug myths that I’ve missed then please comment below and share, togethor addiction can be conquered.

The first one I feel I need to share is that if you use Heroin you will be addicted straight after the first use. Thats not entirely true.. Every person is different and everyone has different tollerance levels. Heroin is a terrible drug and is highly addictive but using once shouldn’t cause addiction straight away.

I feel this one is the most important drug myth of them all. Have you ever heard someone say “She’ll need to hit rock bottom before she will ask for help!” No. No thats not true and action on addiction can be taken even in the early stages. In fact someone who stops drinking early on in addiction could have a higher chance of recovery. You don’t need to hit rock bottom and if you feel you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol then please seek help.

You have got to drink a certain amount of alcohol each day to be classed as an addict. This one annoyed me the most. People used to say to me “How can you be an addict when I drink more than you?” Well because it doesnt matter how much you drink, it’s how much drink or alcohol that becomes too much and interferes with your day-to-day activities. You could only drink a bottle of wine a day or even a couple glasses and it can be a problem.

If you got it from your doctor then it must be safe. Here is another myth that is dangerous. You can get antideppressants and heavy duty pain killers from your doctor which are all highly addictive. Just because you got a prescription from your doctor does not mean that you cant get addicted to it. If you are you need to go and speak to your doctor and seek help and advice.

You are cured after detox. Going into detox and succesfully staying sober while in detox does not mean you are cured from your addiction. It means you are on the correct road to recovery but also need a lot of counselling and/or meetings. I myself had weekly meetings with my alcohol counsellor for 6 months after leaving detox and I had weekly meetings with my social worker for a year after getting sober. The more help you accept then the higher the chance of recovery you have. I dont know where I would be right now without all of the help and support I have recieved.

One that really really bugs me is that addicts are bad people. They aren’t. I have some friends who are also addicts, some in recovery and some not and they are amazing people. In fact they would give you the shirt off their own back if you needed it. Since starting my blog I have met so many new and amazing people that suffer from addiction and not once have I came across a bad egg. Addicts are desperate sometimes and not all people are good but every person should be given a chance in life, being an addict should not matter to anyone.