Drug Information

If you want to learn about drugs and some affects the drug has on you and your body then this is where it will be. I will try and list as many as I can think of and as much information as I can but if you feel I have missed any out or want to include some of your own then please leave a comment and let me know!! Thanks for reading guys, I hope you learn atleast one new drug fact that might actually help along the way to recovery.


  • Alcohol is used as a relaxant it also lowers inhibitions and makes you feel more confident in yourself which in turn can make you more social.
  • People have different effects from alcohol, some people may become relaxed, chatty and happy whereas it could make other people angry, aggressive or sad.
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause blurred vision, nausea, loss of balance and it can even cause some people to pass out or becom unconscious.
  • Effects of alcohol usually start 5-10 minutes after consuming your first drink and effects can last for several hours depending how much you have drank.
  • Alcohol can leave you with a hangover some more severe than others.
  • Drinking alcohol for a long period of time can cause serious injury to many of the bodys organs, it can even lead to the need for  organ transplant.
  • After drinking alcohol for a prolonged time a higher tollerance is develoded and you will need more alcohol to have the same effects and will also cause a physical dependency.

    Alkyl Nitrates/Poppers

  • Poppers cause blood vessels to dilate and reduces blood preassure.
  • They relax the body and inparticularly the anal sphincter.
  • Some people may experience light headedness when using poppers.
  • Some users can even pass out or become unconscious after sniffing poppers.
  • Some people who use poppers experience nausea, headaches and a feeling of faintness.
  • People who use poppers can develop small cuts to the face and their throat and eyes can become extremely irritated. Also, if the liquid touches the skin it burns.


  • When using amphetamines (coke, speed etc..) heart rate and breathing both increase and pupils dilate.
  • The body’s temprature rises and you lose your appetite. This is why some people use these drugs for rapid weight loss.
  • When you are on amphetamines you feel a lot more alert and can cause you to lose sleep which is never a good thing for your body.
  • You never really know what you are getting when you buy amphetamines and they can be mixed with some really harmful substances.
  • Prolonged use of amphetamine cause a physical addiction to the drug and you can develop a high tollerance meaning you will need more of the drug to feel the same effects.


  • Benzodiazepines reduce stress and anxiety and can be prescribed from your doctor to treat these, they also can help induce sleep.
  • When you take benzodiazepines such as diazepam, your breathing and heart rate both decrease.
  • Effects start between 30/40 minutes after taking.
  • When taking Benzodiazepines it affects your judgement and you can make some bad choices and after you may experience ‘hangover like’ symptoms.
  • There is a high chance of overdose.
  • Prolonged use of B=these can cause a high tolerance meaning you will need more of the drug to have the same effects.
  • Withdrawal can last for 2/3 weeks in some cases.


  • Cannabis is used for relaxation but can also give you the munchies (eat a lot) or make you giggle uncontrolably.
  • Effects start after around 5 minutes after using.
  • Cannabis affects the short term memory and concentration.
  • It can cause extreme anxiety and paranoia instead of the relaxation and can also cause you respitory problems.
  • Cannabis causes phsyical dependancy meaning you will have withdrawal symptoms after use.

    Cocaine/Crack Cocaine

  • Cocaine/Crack cocaine both increase activity in the central nervous systemand increases energy, heartrate and breathing.
  • When taking you feel more alert and confident which can make you more social but effects from cocain and crack cocain can be very short lived.
  • After use, you feel tired and lethargic.
  • Your heart and blood vessels can be damaged from use of cocaine/crack cocaine.
  • It can cause insomnia, depression, paranoia and you become very psycholigocally dependant.


  • Ecstasy can give you a sense of euphoria, make you feel calm and reduce anxiety
  • It causes pupils to dilate and makes u lose your appetite.
  • Heart rate and blood preassure both increase and your co-ordination is affected.
  • Ecstasy is often mixed with harmful substances which can really harm or even kill you and it has a really bad comedown effect.
  • You can experience hallucinations which can either be bad or good and the bad ones can be really scary and even cause death to you.
  • After prolonged use of Ecstasy you develop a tollerence to it meaning you need more of the drug to feel the same effects.


  • Heroin and Opiates are depressant drugs which are also used for pain relief.
  • It causes pupils to dilate, breathing and heartrate are reduced and it can make you feel nauseous and can cause you to be violently sick.
  • Heroin can be cut with harmful substances which alone could cause death.
  • Your body becomes physically addicted and after use you experience severe withdrawal symptoms which can feel like ‘flu like’ symptoms.
  • After prolonged use of Heroin and Opiates you develop a tollerance to the drug meaning you need more of it to have the same effects.


  • LSD can make you have a sense of euphoria and alters your preception. Your vision blurrs and you can experience a ‘trip’ which is hallucinations which can either be good or bad.
  • It causes pupils to dilate.
  • Use of LSD can cause panic, anxiety and depression and can cause psychosis.
  • Weeks, months and even years after you use LSD you can experience flashbacks of a previous trip.

Magic Mushroons

  • Magic mushrooms can make you have severe hallucinations and makes you feel like you have a sense of euphoria.
  • You have an increased mental capacity and pupils dilate.
  • You can experience a bad trip which can be really scary and some people even lose touch with reality. Please remember not all trips will be good and the scary ones can really effect you.
  • They can cause nausea, dissorientation, unconsciousness and be fatal.
  • After prolonged use of Magic Mushrooms a tollerance is developed meaning you need more of the drug to feel the same effects.


  • Solvents are a deppressant and it causes breathing and heart rate to slow down.
  • It gives you a sense of euphoria and can make you dizzy and confused.
  • When using solvents you can die from suffocation or becom unconscious.
  • Your throat swells and you can become extremely aggressive.
  • There is no tolerance to solvents but using can cause severe damage to organs and even result in needing an organ transplant.


  • Steroids cause rapid weight gain and are commonly used by athletes who want to get ‘pumped’ fast.
  • Steroids can make you extremely aggressive which is called roid rage. It also causes paranoia, manic behaviour and depression.
  • You can experience nausea and sickness when taking steroids and causes high blood preassure.
  • For males it can make your testicles shrink and in females it can have changes to your menstrual cycle.

 I Just want to thank everyone who has took the time to come and read the drug information page I hope it helps you with any queries you have about drugs and alcohol and if you have anymore please e-mail me at ThisIsTamara@outlook.com. I’d love to hear from you all. xxx