Does Sobriety Have to be a Lonely Place??


Does sobriety have to be a lonely place? As I have mentioned before, when I was told I would have to get rid of my drinking buddies it was one of the main things that was putting me off getting sober. I didn’t want to sit in alone every night. I didn’t want to be lonely.

The thought of this absolutely scared me, I didn’t want sobriety to ruin what years I had left of my youth. I’ll admit in the beginning of sobriety and giving up alcohol I suffered from depression and anxiety so I didn’t get out much and my fears had come true. I was stuck in my house alone. Confined by an invisible barrier at all the exits, keeping me confined. But after I had tackled these issues and managed to work on my anxiety all of this has changed.

I started to go to the gym and not only did I lose weight but I was talking to people I hadn’t met before. I put myself out there and I smiled and I said hello. Even if that was as far as a conversation would go it was good enough for me.

I got a dog and I started going for long walks and people would stop and talk to me about my dogs and ask questions and I liked the social interaction.

I also got a job and met amazing women who I now class as close friends. I’ve also been using social media now to connect with other people who have been through similar things to me. Google+ has excellent subject based groups.

Sobriety doesn’t have to be lonely and you shouldn’t let the thought of it out you off getting the help you need. I was lonely after sobriety but I changed and I made an effort to meet new people and it worked. I am not lonely anymore.

Thanks for reading guys. I really love sharing my thoughts with youse and love hearing from you. Xx

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  1. Giving up drinking buddies was not a problem for me: I was a lone drinker. Places were my problem: getting from A to B without passing a watering hole of choice was a nightmare. During the week, my working day, including travelling, would be from 5am until 11.00pm (closing time). I had it planned such that, at any time between those hours, I could get a drink whenever necessary. In recovery, I had to reset my internal GPS so as to avoid the well trodden routes via the places that had become, effectively, my buddies. Whilst , at first, being a logistical nightmare it became an adventure discovering a whole new landscape.

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