Who I am today

Why have I spent my last 3 or 4 posts talking about abusive relationships when this is a blog about alcoholism and addiction. Well because the things I’ve experienced in my life and the issues I’ve faced have shaped the person I am today.

The person who is sitting here writing this, the person who is aching to get out there and help people over come things that I have experience in. I am such a determined person and when I set my mind to something it is something I must accomplish.

After I left D and the abuse behind it took a while but he did forget about me. That doesn’t mean I forgot about him and the things that have happened to me. These things may have drove me to madness and were probably a large part to why I drank more and why I kept digging myself a deeper hole in which I thought I’d never leave. But they make me work harder and appreciate more.

I work so hard to achieve everything I have sitting in front of me and I’ve used these bad experiences to motivate me to do better and be better. To help other people and connect with others who can also teach me from their stories.

After the abuse I suffered from nightmares. In these dreams I ran and ran down the motorway away from the town I lived in with D but every over pass would have the same word on it. The name of the town I was running away from. This repeated over and over and I drank more to be numb and unconscious.

I managed to overcome these and I only managed to do that using one method. SOBRIETY. I gave up drinking and I made sure I wouldn’t look back again. It was that drive, making sure I didn’t fail and making sure I ended up happy. Today I am sober. I am happy. I am thankful. So very thankful for my family for my friends and for having the opportunity to share my story and hear so many others. Sobriety is the best option and no matter how deep in addiction you are. You can get sober. There is always hope and support.

Thanks for reading guys. I love to open up and get my message out there. I am so thankful to those who read my blog xx

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