5 Reasons For Sobriety!!


My post have been so morbid lately and the downside of being an addict. So today I will share with you the up side of being sober and some of the things I’ve accomplished since being sober. I’ll list 5 hopefully these are enough r reasons for you yourself to get sober.

1. My health. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. My health has improved so much since I stopped drinking. My crohns has gotten better, my mental health and after I stopped drinking I just felt physically and mentally better. I know that you will too if you give up your addiction.

2. I lose so much weight when I stopped drinking. In fact I lost 3 stone. After I gave up all the calories in alcohol. That made me look and feel amazing. I have always suffered from a bad self confidence and that helped a lot.

3. I have a job now. A job I love and am so thankful I have. I am a carer in a care home for the elderly and not only is it a reason for me to get out of bed and leave the house but I enjoy what I do and it brings home the bacon. It always helps to have some money to treat myself to things I never could before.

4. Learning. I’ve learned so much new things since I got sober. I have achieved my SVQ level 2 in care and I also achieved a certificate in Drugs, Solvents and alcohol abuse. I know where I want my life to be now and I know the things I need to push for to give myself a better outcome when I try for new things. It made me feel so good about myself that I achieved these things on my own.
5. My relationship with my family has improved and it keeps on improving. I spend time with my gran and my niece and nephew and nobody has to worry I’m under the influence. I just love I can talk to them about anything and everything. I love my family and if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.

In a whole giving up drinking is the best thing I could have done and I would never go back to it. Not now that I have come such a long way in such a short time. I love that can wake up every morning and feel well enough to get out of bed. I love that I feel strong enough that I can go out and do these things I have achieved. I hope that these reasons help you on your way to sobriety. They definitely helped me ! Thanks for reading guys have a great week! Tamara xx

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