5 Ways To Beat Cravings!!


When I first stopped drinking the hardest thing i found was the cravings for alcohol. Sometimes they would be so bad I thought they could kill me. But they can’t and that is what you need to remember. I got some awesome help with ways to deal with cravings instead of giving in to them. Today I want to share 5 with you.

1. Pick up the phone. It is so helpful and it’s something that I’ll be honest with u, I haven’t done. I don’t know why I didn’t but I wish I had. U can phone a friend or family member when you are craving and all you need to say is “I am craving so I thought I’d give you a call instead!” You have no idea how much the person you phone will appreciate you openness and honesty and your decision to turn to them instead of your drug of choice. You can also phone your sponsor from meetings you attend or even a helpline. Helplines can be real life savers especially if you feel more comfortable talking to people you don’t know. If you ever want a number of a helpline I would be happy to locate one in your area for you.

2. Social media groups. If you don’t like to talk to someone but find it easier to express your feelings through text then there are lots of amazing helping groups on Facebook, Twitter and all social media sites. I myself am a new member to an amazing Facebook page that is really great. I’ve never had so many people to talk to that are or want to achieve the same sober goal as me.

3. Exercise. Take a walk or go to the gym or even housework I found was an amazing way of coping. And at the end of it I had a clean home. Exercise is so important for your health and your self-esteem its amazing what a 20 minute walk in the country side or city can do to your mind. Just take in the scenery if your outdoors and look around you, explore a little. I can bet there’s a lot of beautiful things in this world you have missed being addicted. If you go to the gym then I advise listening to some awesome music to liven you up and make you want to move ! Exercise is enjoying. You just have to fine a way to do it that you do enjoy.

4. Find something your passionate about. Go back to an old hobbie you used to love or find a new one. Doing something you enjoy will take your mind off of any cravings. Mines was organising. I love to organise things and have everything neat and where it should be. People can call it OCD but I call it my way of coping.

5. Being addicted is a very hard and horrible place to be. After getting sober you are going to have triggers that make you want to use drugs or alcohol. Your job in recovery is to identify these. It could be sitting at a friends house who you used to drink with or even a TV programme. Whatever your trigger is always remember u don’t have to face it head on and try and beat through this trigger making you crave. You can and always have the option to just avoid that trigger. Coming into recovery is such a delicate time for you and your emotions are everywhere. You don’t have to tackle everything at once. You are your own person and do everything at your own pace.

I just wanted to add something on to the end of this post because the whole point of me making this website was to help others suffering from addiction. If you are ever craving and feel like you have no-one then please think about me. Contact me anytime anyway at thisistamara@outlook.com and if I’d be happy to talk you through these cravings. Thanks for reading. Tamara xx

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